Traveling Single Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

If you have never been traveling alone, you may believe that it is boring. Not at all. Here are some of my tips and experiences for traveling alone. First of all though I would want you to consider why someone would be traveling single.The benefits of traveling aloneI have traveled all over the world from a couple of days to months in a row. I have traveled with others and I have been traveling single. I love both, and don’t mind having a travel companion at all. It’s fun. However, there are several benefits of traveling single:1. When you are traveling alone you don’t depend on someone else’s availability. If you go on a vacation for a week you will probably find one of your friends willing to join and being able to take off. But what if you want to trek through Asia or South America for three months, or even a year. How many people do you know that have the money and the time to do that? I don’t and since I don’t want to depend on that I’m traveling single. If friends want to join for part of the trip, they are more than welcome of course.2. Traveling single is the ultimate self-indulgent. You can go wherever you want and can decide on your own whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it without having to bother about someone else. Sounds selfish? It is, but so be it.3. You meet more people when you are traveling alone. How is that? Well, it’s easy and very comfortable to just stick to your friend and hang out with him or her. There is no real need to meet other people since you already have your buddy. When you are traveling single you better start talking to other people though. Also, other people that are traveling single are less likely to walk up to pair or groups since they are more closed-off. Don’t believe me? Try it in your local bar.Isn’t traveling alone boring?Traveling alone doesn’t mean that you are alone. Read the third benefit above again: You meet more people when you are traveling single. As a matter of fact in all those years that I have been traveling single, I had a travel companion almost all the time. How did that work? Simple: Take my trip from Western Europe to India over land. I started of traveling alone, but in Russia I traveled for a week with some Russian people I met, then in Siberia and Mongolia I traveled for a month with some Swedish guys who I had met on the train. In Tibet I traveled with a Canadian girl and a Dutch guy, in Nepal I traveled with an American girl for two weeks and ran into some people I met in Tibet again.Is traveling alone boring? Not at all! And the good thing is, even though those people became my friends, I didn’t have to travel with them anymore if I didn’t want to. I could just go left when they turned right: benefit number 2: traveling single is the ultimate self-indulgent.Tips for traveling alone:1. Stay in hostels
2. Try couchsurfing
3. Go out to bars/clubs
4. Get off the beaten path to meet locals
5. Most important: be open minded. This applies to traveling single as well as with others of course

Advances in Accessible Travel Allows More to Travel The World – Explore and Enjoy It!

The world is now more accessible than ever before. Twenty percent (62 million) of the U.S. population has some form of disability, and the number of these individuals is increasing daily. Many of these people feel traveling is out of their reach and only a dream. These people need to, want to, and can travel and it is getting easier everyday. If you’re part of that twenty percent or know someone who is, know this, a world of travel awaits you, your dreams can come true!Many Travel agencies and agents are making an effort to help individuals who have special needs. Some are even becoming Certified Accessible Travel Advocates a new certification issued by the Special Needs Group (SNG), the leading global provider of special needs equipment for the travel industry.This committed to learning about unique needs of Accessible Travel of travel. They receive specialized training & knowledge about how to help those individuals with disabilities enjoy a wonderful, hassle-free and memorable trip.Not all countries have things such as the American With Disabilities Act so many agents are constantly compiling destinations, resorts, excursions,and ships that we know can handle special needs travelers. Agencies are also partnering different companies to be able to provide specialized medical equipment to clients. From Oxygen to wheel chairs, Power Chairs, scooters, even hospital beds can be arranged to be in your room or cruise ship cabin. There are even wheelchairs than can be easily be used on snow or sand and even go into the ocean or a pool. Specialized service can also be arranged including Dialysis.If you have been dreaming of traveling, whether it is a dream vacation, or a trip to see family or friends and thought it wasn’t possible know that might not be true anymore. Contact a travel professional that knows about accessible travel and stop dreaming and start packing.To get you started here are a few tips that when your next travel opportunity arises, you are ready to go.Outline your travel needsTake time to evaluate the logistics of your trip in relation to your ability to keep pace. What modes of transportation will you be using? Airplane, motor coach, train, ship, transit vans for ground transfers? Make a list, referring to relevant brochures, your trip organizer or travel agent to make sure you don’t miss anything.Now, make a list of your specific requirements. Be honest: what types of special needs equipment do you depend on at home? What do you use or need (or wish you had!) when shopping, sightseeing locally, dining out or going to the movies, attending concerts, the theater, street fairs or sporting events at home?Can you hear and see clearly without special auditory equipment or visual aides? How far can you walk without a rest break? Are stairs difficult? Can you get in and out of the tub or shower at home without handgrips or other assistance?Travel, whether solo or in a group, is no time for roughing it or trying to “tough it out.” If a wheelchair, scooter or portable oxygen will make your trip easier, place that item on your list. Many people who do not use wheelchairs or walkers at home feel more comfortable using these mobility aides for tour and excursions. In fact, most of Special Needs Group’s wheelchair and scooter rentals are to individuals who only use such aides when traveling.Plan AheadIf you already own a scooter or portable oxygen, it’s important to know the policy and procedures for bringing that equipment onboard all the transport vehicles included in your itinerary, from planes to taxis to ferry boats. Does that transport have a way to stow your scooter or wheelchair? Is oxygen allowed on board? Some airlines prohibit certain types of batteries, such as wet cell batteries, or oxygen cylinders. Airlines operate under strict rules, so there may be packing procedures to follow if they do allow the equipment. Keep in mind, most airlines need at least 48 hours’ notice to make special arrangements, and be prepared to fill out forms.Your Travel professional should be able to help you with this, that is why you are using them, if they can’t find a better professional.Overall, cruise ships are more lenient in allowing oxygen, but some disallow certain types of oxygen. All require that the oxygen be delivered to the ship, and that you have enough for the entire voyage. Oxygen may never be brought aboard in your luggage. Requirements vary, so check your cruise line for proper instructions. Again, documentation and paperwork are required.Whether you are headed for a cruise ship, hotel or all-inclusive resort, double check for wheelchair access at that venue, plus any venues you will be visiting on the trip. Confirm that accessible hotel rooms, resort accommodations or ship staterooms are available for your travel dates. The earlier you book, the better your chances of securing fully accessible accommodations. And early booking increases your chances of securing a ground floor hotel room or cruise stateroom near the elevator, if these issues are important.Check on the access to public rooms, restaurants, bars, toilets, the swimming pool, hot tub, beach area and other amenities. Are there TDD phone devices? How will you get in and out of the shower or bathtub? Are there flashing lights to accommodate hearing? Braille room numbers? Knowing in advance the scope of your needs gives you time to arrange advance rentals of any necessary equipment, scheduled to arrive when you do. Everything from scooters, lifts, ramps, TDD kits and special mattresses, including special needs cribs, is available for rental.Will road travel or car excursions be part of the trip? Many car rental companies have vehicles that are modified for drivers or passengers with mobility limitations. Check ahead to make sure a suitable vehicle will be available for your travel dates. If you will be hiring a car or van, make sure the company is aware of your special needs.When traveling with a limitation or disability, full travel insurance for medical coverage abroad and trip cancellation insurance are even more important and strongly advised.Ask the Right Questions
When making the final bookings, be sure you ask the right questions, even if the accommodations or cruise stateroom are categorized as “accessible.”
For example, are doorways wide enough for the largest wheelchairs? Do the doors open outwards or into the room?
Are all the public areas of the hotel, resort or ship accessible? Do you need to make special arrangements in the dining room to accommodate the wheelchair or scooter?
Will the bathroom facilities truly fit your needs? Is the bathroom large enough for the wheelchair or scooter? Is there a roll-in shower? Grab-bars?
Are there facilities for companion/assistance animals?
Are there shopping and entertainment facilities close by if you are staying at a hotel or resort?
On shore excursions or tours, does the van have a lift and method for transporting wheelchairs and scooters?Simply stated, don’t take anything for granted. It’s easy to arrange for almost every situation, and the world is wonderfully accessible, once you know what’s needed, what’s available and how to find the necessary equipment.A qualified competent travel professional isn’t hard to find and they are waiting to help you make your accessible travel dreams come true.

Make The Time To Diligently Plan Your Online Business To Ensure Success

As we continue with Part 3 of our series regarding how to “Avoid Becoming An Online Business Statistic”, if you’ve missed the other 2 installments and the introduction of this series you can easily find them in sequential order under “Past Articles” on the right hand margin of this page. Let’s pick up where we left off.”The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable pre-requisite for success.”~Brian TracyEssential Questions for Planning A Successful Online BusinessAfter taking an inventory of your skills, abilities and passionate aspirations and after fleshing out the mission and passionate purpose for your business, you are now ready to create your business plan and complete your foundation. Your business plan must answer the following questions:
What is the problem you will solve, service you will provide or need you desire to meet for your target market?
Explain in detail how the business will provide that service or meet that need.
Describe in detail your target market (see video in training section on identifying your target market)
How will you reach them? What is your marketing strategy?
What are the best way for you to turn the solution, service or met need into a financial transaction?
Identifying with your target market is essential however you need to go far deeper and most unfortunately barely scratch the surface. Doing your due-diligence and gathering this information is key to unearthing the viability of a potential business idea. I don’t understand how anyone can run head-first over the entrepreneurial cliff without gathering this critical information before hand.If for example, you have an online business opportunity to market then it needs to be more than “to help people be financially independent”. Or if you have an online business service it needs to be more in-depth than “to provide a service that helps other be successful”. This is where most who attempt a business plan totally falter and drop the ball because they neglect to be specific. Those are good opening mission statements however you will need to take the time to identify and communicate the obstacles, challenges and frustrations that you will eradicate through your deliverables. If you can’t identify the obstacle or pain that your business, product or service is designed to alleviate for your target market, there is no compelling reason for potential customers to be attracted enough to motivate their eventual financial commitment.Staying with our previous example; if you’re marketing a business opportunity your opening statement might be: “To educate and empower others who desire a more fulfilling life to achieve financial independence by providing……”. There should then be bullet points describing how your business will be designed to solve the problems and meet the needs of your target market. You will then take each one of those bullet points and drill down, fleshing each out so that they specifically detail how you intend to carry out those efforts to support your overall mission and reach your goals. This same methodology should be utilized no matter what business you might be creating the foundation for and aspiring to launch.The #1 Threat To Your BusinessAfter you’ve identified the pain, challenge and obstacle of your target market and how your deliverables are positioned to eradicate and/or solve those issues, you’re then ready to specifically identify your action items. Your action items will constitute a list of objectives you need to have completed in order to bring the business into reality so that it is designed to meet the commitments you’ve detailed in your business plan. These action items will be divided into the same 3 categories you used when you first conceptualized your business.
Those that you desire to perform because you are passionate about which utilize skills & abilities you currently possess
Those you desire to perform but require self-education to acquire the knowledge needed to properly execute the action step so that it meets the listed objective
Those that you require or choose to delegate to accomplish because they either require expertise you do not currently posses or are not passionate about (usually both).
This is the #1 largest killer of online businesses in the first year so listen up folks. The key is identification of what you will passionately pursue, what you will commit to self education and what you will choose to delegate. So many fall into the trap of trying to do everything themselves but seriously, why would you put yourself through that self-imposed hell if you didn’t need to? I’ve found without a doubt that committing to this 3 category identification system combined with strategic partnering & delegation will prevent business owner burn out while at the same time, propel more businesses to be successful than any other single business strategy. The fact is that identifying what action steps you don’t want to be bothered with allows you the freedom to create the type of business that is custom fit for you.There is another observation that I’ve found to be repeatedly proven true. At the start, most aspiring entrepreneurs have grandiose visions of the empire they desire to create predicated upon unrealistic expectations regarding scope of the functions they will have the time and expertise to complete while still enjoying performing those tasks. They are soon after punched in the stomach by the reality that they are doing too many things at or below average, while having the majority of their time spent completing tasks that do not fulfill them.As they recalibrate their business plan they then dream smaller to fit their shrinking perception of their abilities, instead of dreaming larger through strategically utilizing the natural strengths of others to become successful. I’ve seen this cycle played over and over and spiral out of control like a home business owner circling a drain. Trust me; there is an enormous amount to learn in order to perform the action steps you are actually motivated to complete. Sentencing yourself to be a lone ranger has proven to be a recipe for failure.Commitment To Self-EducateOnce you’ve identified what tasks you will perform, you immediately need to commit to identifying resources that will train, coach and educate you in those areas. If refusing to identify and allocate daily business functions and action steps effectively is the #1 cause of business failure, then refusing to truly commit to self-education to equip yourself to be successful in your passionate pursuit is the 2nd largest threat to your business.This is why I’ve committed myself to training and coaching entrepreneurs to learn the proven best practices of online business building. I have found that if you are not challenged, motivated, coached and encouraged the commitment to self-education by online entrepreneurs wanes. This is why I’ve created systems of success and will continue to convey strategies of the online business high achievers to stoke that passionate fire and equip you for success.Achieving emotional and financial fulfillment in your business is not a result of some magic potion but rather proven steps to success that need to be conveyed so that it is understood and demystified. It’s the same for Internet and an affiliate marketing business, online network marketing business or any home business started to earn money online. The bottom line is that your eventual long term success is not based on luck, or some roll of the dice. Those who are successful have painfully learned through trial and error which is why I’m passionate about guiding others through the pitfalls that have snuffed out the entrepreneurial flame of so many.ConclusionI say all this to encourage you to stay committed to equipping yourself to be successful from reliable sources of training, coaching and information. The patience, perseverance and passion to deliberately take these steps: to create a thorough business plan, to accurately allocate every action step, commit to self-educate and learn from your failures, WILL ensure your success…. It’s just a matter of time.